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As a company, United Capital Management contributes financially to a variety of causes and organizations each year. But, we're committed to being more than a financial benefactor. Our team is made up of many individuals who volunteer around the community and advocate for certain causes and organizations.

We took this passion to the next level by creating our United Capital Cares program. Each quarter, our team will spend one afternoon volunteering in our community, helping to advance the causes and organizations dedicated to our community engagement efforts, especially our youth and veterans.

Our team realizes how fortunate our families are and understand that not all have the advantages and support that we have in our daily lives. We have seen the need locally, in our own backyards and we want to be a part of strengthening our community. We also extend this program to our clients. Every event that we hold has a specific charity we are focused on.

Let's take the lead on giving back... because united we give, together we care.

Our team donated over 100 cloth masks to pharmacies, home health agencies, hospitals, and nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are extremely thankful to do a small part in keeping our community safe during this time of unknown.

Pictured below is Steven Plott, Kylee Kolzow, and Chad Koehn who personally donated funds to help those in need.

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