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Offering insurance products to meet your ongoing needs.

We offer long-term care insurance, whole-life insurance, term-life insurance, and survivorship life insurance. We also offer medicare supplement insurance plans. We can offer insurance to individuals, business owners, small businesses, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, charities/foundations, and organizations. Please contact one of our investment consultants to schedule a consultation.

* United Capital Insurance is not affliated with SA Stone Wealth Management Inc.

Are you turning 65? Questions about Medicare?

4-6 months before turning 65

Become familiar with basics:

  • Read about Medicare Part A
  • Read about Medicare Part B

Become familiar with costs:

  • The cost of Medicare Part A
  • The cost of Medicare Part B

3 months before turning 65

  • Enroll in Medicare Part A
  • Enroll in Medicare Part B (if needed)
  • Compare health plan options
  • Compare drug plan options
  • Compare costs of plans
  • Learn about Medicare/VA benefits

2 months before turning 65

  • Confirm receipt of Medicare card
  • Enroll in health & drug plan
  • Apply for "Extra Help" if eligible

1 month before turning 65

  • Confirm receipt of your health and/or drug plan card

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