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What Makes Us Different?

Client Centered

Our goal is to establish lifelong relationships not only with our clients, but with their families and others that are important to them. We develop a community of clients that know and interact with each other. At United Capital Management we truly believe our business is one big family.

We insist that all clients, regardless of net worth, participate in the UCM Wealth Management Program. This program is ongoing, lifetime (and beyond) process to continually monitor clients' needs, goals, plans and progress. 5-Star customer service is another major goal of our business practice. We continually strive to provide the best service in town and pride ourselves on being unique in the products and services we provide.

We believe in the importance of excellent communication and education opportunity for our clients, as well as face-to-face meetings whenever change is required. In order to educate our clients and keep them up to date, we must stay educated ourselves, which we do through weekly conferences, meetings and seminars with some of the brightest financial minds in the country. Our goal is to understand and help our clients address any event that may impact their financial lives.

Independence & Fiduciary Go Hand In Hand

Our investment philosophy is simple: At United Capital Management of Kansas, Inc. we believe capitalism works!

It is the only social and economic system that empowers and rewards human achievement, ambition, self-improvement, individualism, self-esteem and initiative. We believe that every client should have a written investment policy statement. We help our clients create an investment policy statement which puts their investment strategy in writing and enables them to commit to a disciplined investment plan. This disciplined approach helps manage risk in volatile market environments by providing an objective framework for decisions thus minimizing potentially bad choices that may result from emotions such as greed and fear.

When it comes to porfolio design, we manage each client's allocation and investment selection individually based on their overall goals and risk tolerance. We take an active rather than passive approach to investing. We compile research data and use this data to develop portfolios that we believe best fit the overall objectives of our clients. We rely on analytical research, forecasts, and our own judgment and experience in making investment recommendations to make sure our clients are properly diversified. We spread their portfolio among multiple investment vehicles, vary the risk in the securities we buy, and vary the securities by industry.

Client Centered

United Capital Management of Kansas, Inc and it's employees choose to live by "The Code of the West"

  1. Live Each Day with Courage
  2. Take Pride in Your Work
  3. Always Finish What You Start
  4. Do What Has To Be Done
  5. Be Tough, But Fair
  6. When You Make A Promise, Keep It
  7. Ride For The Brand
  8. Talk Less and Say More
  9. Remember That Some Things Aren't For Sale
  10. Know Where To Draw The Line

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