Providing Financial Leadership For Fiscally Prudent Individuals

At United Capital Management of Kansas, Inc.,  we are committed to helping our clients plan for their financial security.  United Capital Management of Kansas, Inc. is a locally owned Kansas based firm of experienced, caring consultants dedicated to providing comprehensive and consistent financial advice to retirees, professionals, and small business owners, like you, who are looking for preservation, growth, and transfer of wealth.

United Capital Management of Kansas, Inc. is located in downtown Salina, Kansas with branch offices in Abilene, Almena,Dodge City, Gardner, Hoxie, Norton, Wichita, and Alma, Nebraska..  All securities are offered through SA Stone Wealth Management, Inc., Member  FINRA/SIPC.  Our firm provides investment planning services for individuals, corporations, trusts and retirement accounts with investable assets over 225 million dollars. 

Our Business Philosophy

At United Capital Management of Kansas, Inc. we believe in being a "servant leader" to our clients. We are here to provide leadership to our clients in good times and bad. We embrace the fact that our clients need us most in market downturns and difficult times.

If you have any questions about your current financial situation or wish to schedule an appointment, send us an email or give us a call at our Salina office 785.823.7900.or 800.887.2423. We look forward to working with you!